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School Profile

Located in Manchester, Bowen School will open in 2020. The schools’ philosophy is one of “integrating Chinese and Western cultures and educating international talents”. The school focuses on developing students’ five basic skills – listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating.  By developing those skills, we aim to enable students to excel in GCSE, A-level and other public examinations. Children under 10 years of age will learn be able to learn Chinese in a fun and interesting way, whilst students over 10 years old will have additional training to prepare them for future examinations.


School Purpose

Our aim is to offer our students an elite education by offering not only language competence but also competence in logical thinking and an ability to learn without frustration and to build confidence and self-esteem. The Bowden Schools’ scientific and efficient methodology enable both students and parents to achieve their mutual goals.

We embrace the power of language and culture. As stated in Warring States Policy, (one of the Chinese classics), “One person’s argument is more power full than nine sacrificial tripods, a three in tongue can beat millions of warriors”. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve children’s public speaking ability. Culturally we aim to achieve “Harmonious coexistence, symbiosis, and prosperity”. We hope our students can gain lifelong synergy from embracing, Chinese culture, western culture, and British values and adopting cultural diversity and pluralism.


School Email Address:


+44 (0) 161 667 2668


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