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Live and Fresh Seafood 

Manchester Seafood is proud to be one of the largest Live and Fresh Seafood retailers and wholesalers in the UK. Our products are shipped to us from many different countries around the world.

We currently have 3 branches across the UK, and we supply restaurants with our top quality seafood as well as ensuring that they have access to the widest variety of live and fresh seafood.

On our online fishmongers, you will find ranges of high quality Live, Fresh and Frozen Seafood, which delivers to your door at your convenience.


Our Products

We sell Live Seafood products which include: Canadian & Scottish Lobsters, Brown Crab, Blue Crab and King Crab. With our shellfish series we have: French Oyster, Clams, and Razor Clam. As for our fish series we have: French Turbot, Conger Eel, Grass Carp and many more. Our live products are kept in the fish tanks being looked after by our specialist team.

Our Fresh Seafood are freshly delivered everyday to ensure our high standard. We stock one of the largest choices of fishes and prawns and having over 30 varieties of products. Such as: Squid, Cuttlefish, Sea bass, Salmon, Grouper, Mackerel, Monkfish and Pomfret, King Prawn and many more.


50 Faulkner Street, Manchester M1 4FH


0161 236 7583


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