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The Edinburgh Chinese Education Centre (ECEC) was founded by a group of professionals who are enthusiastic about spreading Chinese education and the Chinese culture overseas. The ECEC Chinese School was instituted in June of 2017, located in the city of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.



The School is committed to providing a high quality, distinctive learning experience in the Chinese language and culture for children from all social groups. In the aspect of Chinese language education, we focus on the development of the students’ ability to understand and use the language, emphasising all-round progress in the four language skills “listening, speaking, reading and writing”. The school utilises flexible and diverse teaching methods, including multimedia teaching and interactive activities to maximise the students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese. The school encourages students to participate in different levels of YCT Chinese Proficiency Test and the Scottish SQA Simplified Mandarin Exam. Therefore, they will be assessed to show their Chinese proficiency and we will aim personalise their learning experience under the guidance of their teachers. In our school, Chinese learning can be both fun and lead to a great sense of accomplishment. The school creates opportunities for students to actively participate in cultural exchanges and volunteering activities. Our school aims to cultivate our young people and prepare our next generation with both a Chinese and Western view of life and lay a solid foundation for their career development in future.



The ECEC Chinese school has a team of highly qualified teachers. Our teachers are all experts in overseas Chinese teaching. They are experienced in teaching at Chinese schools and local state / private schools. Four of them have been awarded with the title of ‘UK outstanding Chinese language teachers’, two of them are qualified with Scottish teacher credentials, and three teachers are currently working in local mainstream schools. The School also has a dedicated and enthusiastic management team. Our team members have held various management positions in another Chinese school before. They are good at managing educational organisations. At the same time, they understand the difficulties encountered by children at all stages of Chinese learning due to their journeys with their children. In many ways our school differs from many other Chinese schools. We are confident in our new philosophy of overseas Chinese education.


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