Wang Dynasty Group(UK travel agency)

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Company Profile

Wang Dynasty group was founded in 1990 in Manchester, England, and has opened branches in Birmingham and London. In 2001, we opened a call center in China, with other branches in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Over the years, with its high-end talent resources, Professional service concept, and the abundant technical force, Wang Dynasty Group has gradually formed set of tourism, hotel, ticket, canteen, translation, web development, study abroad consulting, business investigation, study abroad for sightseeing, winter camps and many other services. As a diversified group company, we are proud of the success of establishing itself as the global Chinese brand of choice for air tickets, tourism and education. As one of the UK’s largest Chinese travel agency, Wang Dynasty group adhere to the core of products, service – oriented, integration of airline tickets, hotel, visa and abroad transportation, reception service resources such as tourism industry chain elements. It is a Chinese British tourist products manufacturers and service providers, products cover Europe, the americas, Asia and other destination for the world’s major countries and regions. Since 2000, Wang Dynasty group has been occupying the mainstream market of Chinese consumers in the UK, and has won many awards such as the annual sales Gold medal of airlines and the consumer’s favourite travel agency.


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