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Arts of China is a world-class company established in 2011. It combines both education and entertainment programs. We provide versatile workshops and performances for schools and other clients who wish to incorporate a Chinese theme into their events. With the increasing prominence and popularity of Chinese culture in the West, our aim is to help satisfy current demand by showcasing various forms of Chinese art to as wide an audience as possible. Following the historic visit to Britain of President Xi, China and the UK have entered a golden age of economic and cultural collaboration.

We promote, develop and invest in great art and culture for everyone’s benefit. Our specialist areas include performing arts, dance education, creative events management, and cultural exchange projects.

We tell a powerful story about the invaluable impact arts and cultural exchange can have on people’s lives. We have delivered workshops to thousands of students across the UK and China, as well as performed at many shows and outside events. Our teachers and artistes are professionally trained in specific teaching and performing skills, ensuring we can present China’s 5000 year old cultural legacy to the world in the best possible way.


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