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大年初六出门游,曼城春庆好彩头 ——曼城华人社团联合会虎年春节庆典成功举办

On 6th February, 2022, the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, despite the cold spring weather, Manchester China Town was crowded and lively. The Spring Festival Celebration of the Year of the Tiger, jointly organised by the Federation of Chinese Associations of Manchester (FCAM) and Manchester City Council, commenced. This […]

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Welcome Year of the OX, View Performances Online

从2月11日开始,曼城华人社团联合会将组织一系列春节庆祝活动,详细信息将在FCAM的官网以及社交媒体发布。我们再次与City Co和曼彻斯特市议会合作。 2月11日至18日,我们将在市中心放置灯笼,并在Arndale购物中心的大型数字屏幕上展示FCAM春节庆祝活动的数字海报。

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