Working together to overcome the difficulties

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The overseas Chinese in the Manchester area have made a positive contribution to the local fight against the epidemic


The Chinese nation has always had the traditional virtue of solidarity and mutual assistance. At the beginning of 2020, covid-19 has suddenly spread to many parts of the world. As one of the earliest countries to detect the epidemic, China has received timely assistance from many countries. Among which, local governments, universities and other friendly groups support to China’s fight against the epidemic, and have also done a lot to ensure the safety of overseas Chinese communities and students.


Thanks to the concerted efforts of the whole nation, the epidemic in China has been effectively brought under control, while the situation in the UK is still very serious. Under this difficult situation, the overseas Chinese communities have shown their sympathy and taken active actions to help the local people to fight against the covid-19. They have also provided support to the local government, medical institutions and people in various ways, conveying their strong willingness to share weal and woe and tide over difficulties together.


Liverpool is the first city in Europe where Chinese immigrants live in. Zhigong hall and siyi hall are the first overseas Chinese groups in Britain. For a long time, the overseas Chinese in Liverpool are united and live in harmony with the local people, making a positive contribution to the economic and social development of Liverpool, as well as the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures. Recently, the novel coronavirus research centre at the university of Liverpool has received a donation of 11,500 KN95 medical masks from the Liverpool city council and the Liverpool China partnership in collaboration with the surrounding Chinese community. The supplies will be distributed to hospitals in Liverpool in time to address the shortage of protective items for frontline medical staffs. It is reported that after the ten overseas Chinese groups in Liverpool jointly launched the donation. Within the few days, the fund were raised and the most urgently needed protective goods that are listed by the local medical institutions, were delivered to Liverpool through the assistance of the Liverpool city council. Mr Miller, deputy mayor of Liverpool and chairman of LFC China partners, praised the donation as “the highest expression of friendship, kindness and partnership”.


Newcastle is another overseas Chinese community in the territory. On April 28, the UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education (UKAPCE) and Northern Britain Chinese Entrepreneurs Association (NBCEA) donated £10,000 to Newcastle City Council to help the families that have been impoverished by the outbreak. Donations from the overseas Chinese community account for a third of the city’s total funding for the project. Before that, UKAPCE, together with more than 60 Chinese schools in the UK, donated £40,351.35 to Public Health England (PHE), and £56,662 to local medical institutions. In addition to mobilizing members to donate a large number of protective goods, the association also contacted local governments in China to donate 10,000 masks through sister city channels.


Manchester is home to the largest number of overseas Chinese in the region. The Belt and Road Association(UK) has taken advantage of its industry advantages to purchase a large number of protective goods from China at the fastest speed. So far, The Belt and Road Association(UK) has donated more than 200,000 masks to the Salford municipal government and the local hospitals. The goodwill of the association was well rewarded. Local medical staffs said “thank you” in Chinese and applaud the donations.


In recent years, Federation of Chinese Associations of Manchester (FCAM) has actively pushed Manchester city council to strengthen its efforts to improve the security and sanitary environment of Manchester Chinatown. Both merchants and consumers have a very intuitive feeling. To support and appreciate the municipal staffs who have been working during the pandemic, FCAM donated 2,000 masks to them. 


Overseas Chinese communities all over the region are doing their best to help the local people through the difficulties. The UK-China medical Education Centre held two video conferences with the frontline experts from key hospitals in Hubei province to introduce their experience in prevention, control and treatment to local hospitals in the UK. Besides, Leeds Wah Kwong Chinese Association donated £5,000 to the local hospitals;  York Chinese association donated £7,600 to support frontline medical staffs; The Chinese Association for Science and Technology (UK) donated protective equipment to research institutions that related to novel coronavirus testing; Shulan College of Chinese Medicine and other Chinese Medicine Institutions have made Chinese medicine sachets and given them to locals for free. Other Chinese  associations such as the Blackpool Chinese Community Association, the northwest district association for the promotion of peaceful reunification, the United Kingdom Chinese Education Foundation, the UK Northeast China Association (UKNECA), the Xinhua Chinese Association (XCA), and overseas Chinese leaders such as Qiu Jidong, have donated masks, protective suits and other protective equipment  to local medical institutions. The Blackpool Chinese Community Association and other overseas Chinese associations have provided food delivery to frontline medical staffs.


Facing the epidemic, the overseas Chinese communities, with their sincere love and prompt actions, expressed their strong will to fight with the local people and tide over the difficulties together. The traditional Chinese virtues of helping each other and pulling together as one, have won the respect and praise of the local people. The history of Chinese people living in the UK is the history of Chinese people’s continuous integration and contribution to the local community and the promotion of friendly exchanges between China and the UK. We believe that with the concerted efforts of all parties, the UK will be able to overcome the epidemic soon. 


After the clouds are scattered, flowers will bloom, and the development of the overseas Chinese community and China-UK friendship will prosper in another boom. 

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